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Welcome to my website reviewing Collagen Red Light Therapy. Here I will be asking the question Does the revolutionary new anti-aging treatment known as Collagen Light Therapy really work? I'll give you the inside information and product information to help you find the best buy for Collagen Light Therapy Units. If you would like to write a review of Red Light Therapy Machines please send your review in by Emailing Shelley Morefield Now

How Does Collagen Red Light Therapy Work?

The technology for Red Light Therapy has been used medically for many years. Following extensive research carried out by the American Space Agency NASA and worldwide clinical trials it has been established that we can benefit from regular exposure to intense Red Light at 633 Nanometres. In simple terms it has been shown that this level of light will penetrate the skin to a depth of 8-10 mm which then triggers our body to increase its production of collagen as well as generate new capillaries. The theory is that the increased collagen and elastin produced will result in a firmer tighter younger looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced. The new capillaries will increase circulation and help cuts and scars to heal quicker.

What does Red Light Collagen Therapy feel like?

I first tried Collagen Light Therapy in 2009 whilst on holiday in America. I admit to being skeptical at first as I had never heard of the treatment before and if I'm honest I found it quite hard to believe that I could reduce my fine lines by simply lying under a bright light! The treatment has really taken off stateside and is used by many celebrities as a magical cure to roll back the signs of aging. The Collagen Light Treatment does feel very relaxing and the warmth of the lights soon has you feeling totally calm. It is essential, in my opinion, to wear either goggles or good quality sunglasses as the lights are very very bright. I'm told the light is harmless to look at but I don't think you'd feel entirely comfortable without some sort of eye protection given the high intensity of the collagen lamps. At the end of the initial 15 minute session I was left feeling thoroughly relaxed with a nice warm inner glow. When I returned from holiday I set about trying to find the treatment here in the UK.

Is Collagen Red Light Therapy Safe?

The treatment is Safe and relaxing using only the body's own natural methods for collagen replacement. There are no reported side effects and the Collagen Bulbs contain no harmful UV rays.

How many Collagen Light Therapy Sessions will I need?

I initially booked a 12 session course which was the recommended package to start with. This was split over 4 weeks with 3 x 15 minutes sessions the first 2 weeks. This was followed by 3 x 20 minute sessions on weeks 3 and 4. After you have finished the first 12 sessions I was advised to have 1 or 2 20 minute sessions once a week to maintain the benefits of the treatment.

Does Collagen Red Light Therapy really reduce wrinkles?

Yes, it did for me! The most noticeable thing for me was the reduction in my "crows feet" and a definite reduction in the fine lines under my eyes and the two lines above the bridge of my nose. It took about 3 weeks of the treatment before I could see these visible results but I'm told this is normal and may vary from person to person. I've had a few people comment that I'm looking well and I've now bought my own Collagen Therapy Bed to use a home so I'll be keeping up the treatment for the foreseeable future! Other younger users have reported that Collagen Light Therapy is a good treatment for Acne and Spots.

What size are the Collagen Therapy Lamp units?

The units can be bought from small desktop versions through to walk in vertical units. The most popular types are the canopy models which come on a tilting stand and are used over your own bed. I've added links to the most popular Light Therapy Units below. If you click on the image of the Collagen Light Therapy Unit that you want to review it will take you to the page with more information and other Collagen Light Therapy Reviews.

Where can I buy a home use Collagen Light Therapy bed?

There are lots of internet sites devoted to Collagen Lamp Products. I looked at most before buying an excellent over the bed canopy from Collagen Light These guys give you great service and have new or reconditioned beds at probably the best prices in the UK. I chose a brand new canopy as I wanted the 12 months guarantee and I already knew the treatment worked as I had tried it previously. There are some companies now hiring these units and I've added some useful links on my links page.

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